who we are

SiNC - Social Innovation&Entrepreneurship Center (NGO)

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center SiNC is a non-governmental organization and was founded in 2017. SiNC implements projects to develop entrepreneurial skills of young people and women (especially from low income families) in Georgia, to raise awareness in social entrepreneurship, to support young people and women to start, run and develop social enterprises through counselling and mentoring, to transform their innovative ideas into realities. Center plays an important role in solving economic and social problems in rural areas of Georgia as it organizes training courses, forums, bootcamps etc. in partnership with private and public organizations. Center organizes webinars led by experienced staff in social entrepreneurship from international partner organizations and support young people and women to share best practices from abroad and to develop their mindsets. Center has close partnership with schools, universities and local governmental and non-governmental organizations which gives us an opportunity to engage local community in our activities.

Center implements volunteering programs and enables young people to participate in activities of the organization to develop their skillset and mindset in social entrepreneurship.

SiNC cooperated with international partner organizations to share best practices and introduce them in Georgia.


Our goals for success

We connect, educate, strengthen and support young people and women to transform their innovative ideas into reality for their better everyday life.

What we do?

Core Values: